Home Artifacts & Fairy Cottages

Our home is small. And old. And can be annoying (e.g. no heat in the bathroom, windows that are painted shut) but it is basically still my dream home. I have always always wanted an old home with a “soul”. I think we have that in spades. This ‘fairy cottage’ Evanston home tour recently featured on ApartmentTherapy is a Sears kit home.

sears - fairy cottage outside

via Apartment Therapy

They included an image of the flyer for the home:

sears - fairy cottage

via ApartmentTherapy

It reminded me of some of the things the box of home’artifacts’ the previous owner of our home (so very kindly) left for us. One of them was the builder’s ad for our home/homes like ours from ‘Oak Leaves’ in 1914:

Home Builder Flyer

So cool to see and kind of crazy to think that even back then people were taking the ‘el’. Under $5K, pretty much what we paid in 2014 (hahahahaaaaaaaaaa).

More (spooky) stuff on our home’s history to come. I am also hoping to spend time at the OPRF historical society soon doing my best Nancy Drew.

What do you know about the history of your home??


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